Builder's Clean

Post Construction Clean

A builder’s clean (also known as a post construction clean) is a type of cleaning service provided specifically to get rid of dirt, impurities or extraneous traces from the construction or renovation of a project.  Whether it’s a house or office, our job is turn the project into a welcoming and warm home or professional working environment.

Scope of Work

The Cleaning process may be divided into two separate cleanings to be done: Initial Cleaning and the Final Cleaning. These cleanings may occur at different stages of the building or renovations and remodelling, depending on the situation and agreed upon with the client. For instance, the initial cleaning procedures are necessary before painting jobs and flooring jobs like tile-fitting commences.  The same procedure will be done again after, completing and finishing the builders clean. AC&M Builder’s Clean will be customized and tailored upon your projects specific-cleaning needs.

Residential Builder’s Clean

Handing over the keys to your client to their new home is easy but wanting them to have a WOW experience is difficult.  Our job is to make them feel homey, warm and welcome to their own house, satisfying our clients with a high standard cleaning service from top to bottom, removing any traces of construction processed. A successful turn over lies in the meticulous eyes for details and pure dedication to serve clients with sincere heart. At AC&M, we give our most honest and best services possible and create unforgettable homecoming to happy, satisfied clients!!!


Renovations are always messy and chaotic. It’s a challenge for someone who like to be in charge and take control. Our renovation cleaning service is here to offer you a helping hand, from removing dust, debris and rubbishes left behind by renovating works.  Leaving you with a clean and sterile space. Let AC&M be your partner in giving you a dust-free and spotless home.

ACM Can Help You!

Following a final stage of a construction project can be incredibly stressful.  It is our priority to make turnovers go smoothly and deliver a good service experience as possible.  As a specialist construction cleaner, we always welcome challenges, keeping us always on our toes to exceeds your expectations.  Our knowledge, experience, values and attitude fuels us to serve you with best cleaning services possible with honesty and integrity. Our Post-Construction cleaning prioritises to deliver best quality service from start to end, top to bottom and same meticulous level of attention in any form and size of task. With this in mind, the outcome of your project will impress most clients of yours.  We at AC&M recognizes that your brand reputation is vital, equipped with a reliable and proficient contractor. Working with the right people allows you deliver your projects with confidence and pride.

Why Choose ACM?

We are a specialist in construction cleaning. We are equipped with the right tools and knowledge for various and challenging forms of cleaning works. Having a competent cleaning contractor gives you peace of mind! We take safety seriously. Every staff is trained in using Safe work techniques and has correct PPE onsite. We are a responsible contractor.  We have public liability insurance and registered with Return to Work SA.  Please do not hesitate to contact us, we offer friendly and professional quotations without pressure on your side to deal with us straightaway.  At AC&M We are your wise choice. We look after each house for builders clean, each cleaning jobs with hard work, pride and sincerity.